hy! Berlin Demo Day 2014

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morningberlinI’ve just returned to Vienna after a quick 24 hours in Berlin to cover the hy! Berlin Demo Day. The great thing about 1 day conferences is that participants and the media pack everything into one day, and tons of information and ideas can be shared, new individuals met, and networks networked. The downside of a 1 day conference is that everything is packed into one very tightly scheduled day, and as with other events I’ve covered in the same format, by the time the late afternoon sessions roll around, most participants’ attention has waned from the stage and they’re generally making dinner and/or evening party plans.

The same was true with the hy! Berlin event. An interesting concept for sure, and one I’d like to see more of, the hy! crew turns the tables on investors and VC firms, and has them pitching to the audience about why startups should be coming to them. I’ve seen this previously at the Pirate Summit, and think it’s not only a great idea for startups to have a better idea of what an accelerator or program offers, but it’s also nice to see the same people who are often sitting on the judges’ side of the table sweat a little bit. It’s easy to sit back and rip a startup’s pitch to shreds, it’s another to do the pitching. In fact, neither the Pirate Summit or hy! had startups judging the VCs. Now THAT would be an idea…

The venue, Stadtbad Wedding is normally a nightclub, and provided an interesting backdrop for a tech conference. As it was a one day event, I caught the 6:30 AM (yes, that means I was up at 4:30 AM) flight to Berlin, and arrived at the venue around 8:15. I had to have a laugh when I walked in to the venue and heard the familiar unz unz unz coming from a room at the bottom of the stairs. A few minutes later the faint smell of weed hit me, and I realized that this was the tail end of a party that started the night before. I headed downstairs to confirm my suspicious, where I was asked by one party goer if I had any ecstasy. Ah Berlin…you make me smile.

hy! Berlin was a great kickoff to the year, and I ran into a lot of familiar faces, and got the chance to help a friend solve a long running problem:

Side note – there were also a number of t3n.de magazines floating around the venue, and it’s always fun to see a cover you shot starting right back at you.

Here are some of my favorite images from hy! Berlin Demo Day 2014, enjoy!

Until the next shoot – Dan


Robin Wauters, Tech.eu


Stadtbad Wedding


Jon Bradford, Techstars


Stadtbad Wedding


Ole Tillmann, Peak Berlin


Event Attendees


Mike Butcher, TechCrunch


Lunch is served!


‎Peter Borchers, hub:raum


Stadtbad Wedding


Alex Farcet, Startupbootcamp


Joerg Rheinboldt, Axel Springer Plug & Play


Stadtbad Wedding


Conference Fuel – Stadtbad Wedding


Stadtbad Wedding


Atte Hujanen, Slush Conference

Hilary Szymujko, Seedcamp

Hilary Szymujko, Seedcamp


Accelerator Winners – hub:raum, Seedcamp, and ProSiebenSat1


Startup Winners – stamplay, brightup, and talentry

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